Hukat Olam

It is a cosmic principle.
The Eternal Mystery,
Moves and flows
As waters from  
A well, a stream, a rock,
A mikveh,
Not everything
Will make sense
Because the shift
Has not been
Entirely stilled.
We have not yet
We are in the process
Of arriving.
There comes a time,
In most of our lives,
When what has fed us
Becomes unpalatable:
When manna
Is no longer enough.
We do not want
To be vapidly filled.
We want to be nourished.
We want to,
Need to,
Must strive to,
Sate ourselves
With sustenance
That meets
Our need.
My mother 
Has returned to 
From where
My provision comes.
It falls to me,
To look upon
The staff 
Raised up,
To be healed,
To produce,
To create,
To participate
More fully,
In what will become
A landscape
Of greater
My own
Milk and honey.

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