The Sabbath Has Arrived

I lift a match to the candles
Watching as the flame catches;
The brightness of yellow and blue;
A flicker of heat in the air.

As the fire dances with shadows on the wall,
The stress in my body eases
Releasing the burdens that have
Seeped into my core.

My neck lightens as my shoulders calm;
My spine flexes with more ease;
My heart slows to a languid pace
Gratefully surrendering to the peace of the seventh day.

The Sabbath has arrived.

I no longer need effort to relax on this holy day.
My eyes see the lights
As my voice chants the prayers,
And my body responds.

My mind instantly stops,
Ceasing its hectic path of have-to’s,
Reveling in this restoration of stillness
So lacking in the previous days.

The grace of a dedicated separation
Between the mundane and the sacred,
Prescribed by G-d’s compassion,
Restores my soul’s tranquility.

The Sabbath has arrived.

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