Tiferet Welch

My poetry is, I hope, steeped in modern Jewish mysticism and draws on the arc of Torah and deeply felt personal experience to create a sensuous and sensual swirl of living in and through the four worlds, especially in the time of the pandemic.
Exploring the parshiot by way of the sages, drawing out the kaballistic essence, mining the subterranean allusions of the Hebrew letters and binding them all within the personal, the poems form a chronicle of this liminal time.
seagull flying over beach
July 31, 2023
woman in dark behind window with raindrops
July 13, 2023
woman's arm reaching out against a blurred background of trees
June 8, 2023
Person wrapped in a blanket watches the sun rise over mountains
May 24, 2023
dark water with bubbles of light
May 12, 2023
woman blowing a handful of confetti into the night
April 25, 2023
a woman silhouetted against a starry night sky
April 19, 2023
deep blue sky with cloud in white, light pink, darker pink, and purple
March 24, 2023
black and white photo of woman dancing, arms in the air, head down. She is wearing sunglasses and has her hair up in buns.
March 21, 2023

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