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“Beneath her tree we sought the truth”
white adult hands holding small plant and handing it to small white child hands
“We praise you, Shekhinah, / who has given us life”
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Chant and poem for Tu b’Av
Daughters of Tu b’Av
“Raise one voice, the truth that is your own”
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Healing niggun set to the melody of a traditional Ukrainian lullaby

Healing Niggun for Ukraine

“Open to the holiness inside”

Wide as the Water (Mi Hamokha) Song

Uplifting song for Shabbat with video

Kein Yehi (May It Be): A Song for Shabbat

“Before creation, music played”

Ruakh Elohim: A Song of Creation

Avinu Malkeinu sung with new English verses

Beyond Avinu Malkeinu (2021): A New English Interpretation Set to an Old Tune

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