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Verses to be sung to Leonard Cohen’s ‘Halleluyah’
a group of people standing in shadow, holding hands
This powerful new song calls for the release of the hostages.
the desert in Israel
“We just never know, we just never know, who the angels are…”
people moving up stairs
Joanie Calem’s song shares about the experience of sensory overwhelm
a child covers his eyes
a river running through the woods
Joanie Calem shares music about disability inclusion.
an image of people with disabilities and non-disabled people enjoying a park
“What a world, what a world, full of every kind of thinking / Where we were never even meant to be the same….”
swirling colors of a galaxy
Listen to this powerful song for reproductive freedom
waves in the sea
“Oh this heartbreak,  Silence howling.  Oh this heart ache,  Terror prowling…” 
face of person crying against dark light
“I pray for peace in every heart / In every living thing”
sailboat on the ocean with stars above

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