Type: Prayer

Latest Rituals

“When I raise my voice in anger, help me see the Divine Spark in my opponent.”
sunlight shining on an open field
“May there be space for history and context, may there be space for mistakes and faith, may there be space for hope…”
two people sit before a sunrise
“May the One who Blessed those Before Us, bless all those suffering from the devastating atrocities and their aftermath, in our midst.”
arms outstretched and holding hands
“Our God and God of our ancestors, help me find relief in sleep, and rise renewed in body and soul.”
a person facing the sun with arms spread wide
“May I find peace, / safety, / love.”
A metal gate featuring a Star of David
“As we inhabit one Earth, we are one human family…”
a view of earth from a Nasa spacecraft
“Tzur Yisrael, Rock of Israel, May our devotion remain steadfast”
A goat stands in the Negev desert
“We ask that that you inspire humans to remember our fellow creatures in this time of war, to mitigate the damage that we cause them and to bring us all to a time of peace.”
a dog walks across the desert
“Master of Compassion, help us hold the humanity and the heartache of the Jewish people while also holding the humanity and the dignity of the Palestinian people.”
a skyline in Israel, overlooking the Sea

The Reconstructionist Network

Light the World: A Nia Dance Party for Hanukkah

Welcome Hanukkah through the Nia movement practice. We’ll kindle our unique candles to music by Jewish singers, followed by prompts for reflection and writing. Nia is adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Move with us on December 7, 2023.

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