Type: Complete Ceremony

Latest Rituals

This ritual is designed for an adult B’nei Mitzvah cohort in advance of their service.
woman with long hair underwater
This Asexual Coming Out Ceremony can be done by any group or congregation, in any setting.
hand holding small glass of water
A water ritual for beginning the fast of Yom Kippur
White-skinned hands grasp a glass of blue water
A complete ritual for releasing frustration and anger in nature.
woman standing in a forest clearing
A complete ritual for a family to bury the new child’s placenta under a plant in the garden.
A Placenta-Planting Ritual
A full ritual meal for LGBTQIA+ pride.
person in purple shirt holding rainbow cookies
A mikveh ritual to mark the end of a challenging time.
hand underwater in pool
A participatory D’var Torah for Parshat Beha’alotekha
woman in desert throwing sand in arcs
A ritual for mindful and embodied recitation of the shema
woman looking up with eyes closed

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