Dreaming in Technicolor Wisdom

What is wisdom?
Where can wisdom be found?
What is it that wisdom calls each of us to do? 
Each; the individual.
Us; for the sake of the all.
Recently, I dreamt. 
Here is the scene
And, within it,
Seeds to nourish 
Unto their fruition.
At my left hand, Gevurah,  
Illuminated Yesod’s 
Firm foundation. 
Holy organ of connection, 
Orients itself
In the direction of
The center:
Etz hayyim;
The Tree of Life.
Blooming Chloe, 
Hesed herself,
Plucks from barren heart-level branch
And twig
A small jewel-like letter,
In Hebrew, Bet,
Whose head
Faced down;
Down toward the earth.
White plaster-cast body, 
Jade gemstone
At either end
Of its open potential.
It was from this mouth
That all the worlds
Were born!
Barukh HaShem
For it was this mouth
Whose value is duality, 
Male and Female,
Adam and Havah,
Ein Sof and Shekhinah,
That breathed us,
Breathes us, 
Into our very being.
In my dream,
I am begging for half,
Which is my share
Of the heart’s green gem.
And through it
The fecundity of healing,
The awakening of creating,
The discipline of loving
By participation with
The Is, Was and Will Be.
Where can wisdom be found?
For me
It can be found
Breathing within the heart
Of a poem.

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