Kiddush: Humanist Liturgy

Kiddush – “Dedication” to being an open and caring community


symbol of pleasure and sorrow,
symbol of passion and the blood of life,
symbol of plenty and of excess.
Let us bless our lives with community
by sharing our joy, our spirit, and our bounty,
by inviting visitors to join us,
by welcoming the stranger,
by caring for those in need.
Let us dedicate ourselves to creating a healthy community.
The fruit of the vine – with it, let us drink "To Life!"
All read aloud together and raise our glasses in a toast to life:
Nakdish et atsme-nu livro kahal bari
P'ri ha-gafen  itto, nishteh "L'-Hayyim!" 

נַקְדִּישׁ אֵת עַצְמֵנוּ לִבְרֹוא קָהָל בָּרִיא

פְּרִי הֲגַפֶן  אִתּוֹ נִשְׁתֶּה לְחַיִּים




Humanistic Judaism was founded as a congregational movement in 1963 by the late Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, and has emerged as a stream of Judaism that enables people of any ethnic or religious background to cherish Jewish history, culture, and ethics without worshipping or praying to a supernatural being. As an affiliate of the Society for Humanistic Judaism (SHJ), Machar is part of the national and international Humanistic Judaism movement. The International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism (IISHJ) is the educational arm of our movement, training rabbis and other leaders. 

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