Gen-Z Jews

a screen showing various social media icons
It’s exhausting.
Like, literally, exhausting,
Being a Gen-Z Jew
these days.
Every other insta post
Calls for Israel
to be destroyed,
calling my friends
White Colonial Settlers
when they aren’t even white.
It’s exhausting.
Like, actually exhausting,
being a Gen-Z Jew
I swear, every tweet
from Elon Musk
Pivots between antisemitism
and saying that he,
could have stopped the Shoah.
It’s exhausting.
Like, completely exhausting,
being a Gen-Z Jew
right about now.
Every time I blink,
another person
puts the Palestinian Flag
in their name
on Twitter, sorry, “X”
and says that
Israel shouldn’t exist.
It’s exhausting.
It’s really **** exhausting,
being Gen-Z Jews.
Activists masquerading
as protectors
of all Humanity
while saying hostages
got what they deserved.
No one,
no one on Earth,
deserves this.
It’s exhausting.
I’m exhausted.
I’m really exhausted, man,
being a Gen-Z Jew.
There is no nuance
in the reddit comments.
No humanity
in the online hatred.
No love
in the posts of celebration
of the 10/7 attack.
I want to scream,
but I’m too exhausted.
It’s exhausting.
Like, literally, exhausting,
being a Gen-Z Jew
these days.
I want to condemn
terror in all its forms.
I want to support
human rights for All,
not just those
who I agree with.
But the internet clearly
doesn’t want that.
The internet wants blood,
and if history shows,
It might be ours;
It might be mine.
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