Prayer for Healers and Essential Workers

Mi sheBeirakh horeinu,
Sarah v’Avraham, Yitzkhak v’Rivkah, Lei’ah v’Rakheil v’Ya’akov
May the One who blessed our ancestors,
upheld and protected them through danger and despair,
uphold and protect the essential workers who serve our community
in this time of illness and peril.
Bless the healthcare providers and social workers.
Bless the grocery clerks.
Bless the delivery truck drivers and the postal service workers.
Bless the teachers and the childcare providers.
Bless the staff of restaurants, cafés and bars.
Bless the pharmacy technicians.
Bless the customer service workers.
Bless the industrial workers.
[name the essential workers in your community, invite all present to name others]
Bless all those who bring their bodies and breath close to other people’s bodies and breath, in order to feed us, care for us, keep stores open and supplies delivered, and teach our children, while the pandemic keeps the rest of us distanced.
Bless them with health of body and spirit.
Bless them with strength of limb and purpose.
Bless them with moments of joy and refreshment.
May they be met every day with the gratitude and the support that they deserve.
May each person with whom they interact, mask and distance appropriately, and respect the risks they take on our behalf.
Shomeir Yisra’eil, Guardian of all who struggle daily, ease their struggles and smooth their paths. Keep sickness and fear from them. Bless them in their going out, and bless them in their coming home.
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