The Pin-up Girl and the Torah

water droplets on glass

It happened, sometime

Early in the shower,

Between that first

Preferred temperature –

And strength –

And the satin feel of my hair

Running through

My own fingers.


“What is my longing?”

I asked myself.


And my skin

Told my hands;

As my hands

Redeemed my skin,

Finger-tips tracing

Mezuzah pendant,


“There is poetry here.”


Thank you,

Pin-up girl

And Torah,


And Menopause,

And the recent death 

Of my mother,

For chaperoning me

To the Sanctuary of Truth;

Holy, liminal realm of

Erotic shared space.

Here is the landscape:

Shekhinah and Malkhut,



My soul


My body.


And I am exactly

What I need.

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