High Holiday Resources for 5781

The 5781 High Holiday season is different than all those that came before. Confronted with a global pandemic, we cannot gather to worship and celebrate together in person. We are reimagining what communal prayer will look like, while also taking advantage of the potential for solitude that can offer space for the deep introspection of preparing spiritually for the New Year. We are mourning losses, praying for health and safety, while finding creative opportunities to think differently about the powerful rituals of this time of year. We have gathered new resources to inspire you for this transformative time of year. May you be blessed with good health and a sweet year, and may you be written in the Book of Life.

Latest Rituals

“Please, Adonai, bring about new beginnings”

A Prayer for a New Year: 5781 and Beyond

“Whose ballot shall be counted, and whose ballot shall be disqualified”

U’netaneh Tokef 5781

“We have abstained from uncomfortable growth”

A Vidui for Racism

Confession of positive behaviors

Positive Confession (Vidui)

Shekhinah, our Mother, would understand”

Visiting the King During a Plague

Tofu, ice cream, beer, and liquor are new symbolic foods that reference this past year

New Simanim for a New Year (5781)

“Blessings so beyond our hopes for this world”

Wildly Unimaginable Blessings: A Prayer for 5781

A journey of art making, writing, and meditation

Wheel of Teshuvah: A Guided Journey

Guide for a nature-based Yom Kippur ritual in solitude

The Azazel Chapbook: An Earth-Based Yom Kippur Guide

Ritual to do at home with a bowl of water and ice

Tashlikh at Home

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