Miracles Happen

Shabbat candles and challah
On Motzei Simchas Torah 5784,
Our 54th wedding anniversary,
We heard about the horrific Hamas massacre,
Unfathomable beastly disgraceful pogrom,
Totally breaking my heart into pieces.
My dream of truly uniting had previously,
Disintegrated over turbulent months,
Splintered volatile Israeli rallies,
Jewish global conflicting disunity,
Yet deep within my soul, I wished for unity.
Suddenly every reserve joined willingly,
Numerous secular and frum IDF soldiers,
Danced with exuberant joyful cohesion,
No longer weak Holocaust Jewish victims,
But instead, today’s true heroic Maccabees.
 Amazingly, many secular chayalim,
Miraculously yearned for protective tzitzis,
Begging us to daven and recite tehillim,
Spiritually utilizing our hearts and souls,
As they risked their lives in dangerous combat.
Heartwarming efforts on behalf of Jews,
From all walks of life, Secular, Orthodox, Chassidic,
Creative endeavors to assist through tzedakah,
Providing ambulances, food, shelter, clothing,
Adoptive parents for sudden orphans and therapy.
May the neiss of truly uniting as one,
Not fleetingly evaporate into thin air,
After the current tumultuous crisis ends,
Loving each other, differences and all,
Bringing lasting Brotherhood, neshama to neshama.
Am Yisroel Chai! 
Reflection:  When life flows easily, we may tend to forget who is providing all our necessities as well as luxuries.  It’s so easy to think mere hard work produces success.  However,
when we are in desperate need of assistance, it often seems more obvious that turning to Hashem is clearly vital.
Interactive-Introspection:  Have you or a loved one ever experienced a miracle?  During the unbearable agony of your dilemma, what methods assisted you during this crisis?  At this moment in time when Israel and Jews worldwide are in crisis, isn’t it amazing and heartwarming to view the numerous ways different people create methods of reaching out individually and within organizations such as Amit to be helpful?


        May the bright weekly Shabbos lights,
      Dispel darkness of the Jewish global crisis,
      With Hashem’s miraculous blessings,
         And today’s  IDF soldier Maccabees.
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