Cicada Psalm (2004–2021)

To be sung outside with the background instrumentation of the Brood X cicadas humming
O Cicada
Your amorous song serenading
Decibel defying waves pulsating
          Golden orange wings and green iridescence
          Mating hues of your adolescence
“God blessed them and said be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth…” *
O Cicada
In my yard your soil tunnel aerates
On my hedge your carapace decorates
          Each seventeen years, the Creator rejoices
          With the harmonizing hum of all your voices
“Let all that has breath praise God, Halleluyah” **
O Cicada
Crimson eyes shine as you seek romance
A maple limb stages your mating dance
          Sacrifice your life for the next generation
          Renew my faith in ongoing Creation
“How great are Your works, God, in wisdom have you made them all” ***

*Genesis 1

**Psalms 150
***Psalms 104
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