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“However we have abused ourselves or others, something within us remains pure”
Recovery Dayeinu

“If we realized the diversity of Black people and their experiences, but didn’t practice radical empathy with them — lo dayenu.”

Abolitionist Lo Dayenu

Would you like to know the spiritual code behind the haggadah?

NeoHasid Haggadah 2021

“Pharaoh’s power over us is replaced with God giving us the power to make good choices at every step of our lives.”

Seder Teachings, Rituals, and Readings for 5781/2021

Facing the Angel of Death yesterday and today

Passover Reading Before Dayeinu during Covid-19 Pandemic
A Dayeinu for Our Time

A contemporary Dayeinu

Dayeinu: We are Enough

A haggadah supplement focusing on the theme of #BlackLivesMatter and the experiences of Jews of color

#BlackLivesMatter Haggadah Supplement

A Dayeinu prayer for living in the present moment

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