Creative Bris Ceremony

newborn baby wrapped in blue blanket

This ceremony was designed to welcome baby boy Gechter to the covenant of the Jewish people. The full ceremony is available for download at the PDF below and may be modified or used as a template for other bris ceremonies.

Thank you for being here to welcome our son into the Jewish people on the eighth day of his life. We will mark this celebration with singing, blessings, ritual circumcision, naming, and food. Brit Milah (or bris, aka ritual circumcision) is a practice we first learn of from Godʼs instructions to Avraham in the Torah, and ever since has been
carried on continuously by our people, including the time when Mosheʼs wife Tzipora circumcised their son. While it has not always been easy to maintain this ritual over the course of history, in continuing to do so, it ties each community member to our ancient covenant. Today we declare the modern relevance of our practices and affirm that we value connection to God and to community. We hope our son will walk through life exploring the balance between ancient and modern elements of Judaism—striving for meaning, purpose, sensitivity, and commitment in his expression of Judaism.

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