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Holy Breath of Liberation

By Koach Baruch Frazier
a black woman with curly dark hair has her eyes closed and chin up towards the sky. She is standing in front of a background of green nature

Berukhah at Shekhinah, Eloteinu Ruakh Ha’olam
A blessing you are Shekhinah to this universe
Giving breath
And wind
And spirit to the Gd within us

May this breath
that flows through the lungs of the earth
infuse our bodies
allowing the rage, the grief and anxiety
the joy, the delight and excitement
to flow through us without impediment
letting us feel it, but not getting stuck

May this wind of transformation
that is sweeping through the universe right now
blow through the trees
through the halls of government
and the clouds of zoom
creating space for the reckoning that must come

May the spirit of truth and justice
that lives within us
find the courage to cry out—shaky voice and all
to join in the chorus of our siblings throughout the world

Blessed are you Shekhinah
who gives us the spaciousness
to inhale and exhale our way to liberation

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