The Gift of a Death Bed: Parsha Vayekhi

There is nothing like death
To bring a clarity to vision.
We have been gifted several blessings,
Wrapped ‘round in the RNA of Covid;
Life evermore precious 
In the embrace of this
Two-year-long Yom Kippur.
How great this opportunity to heal;
Healing of self;
Healing of loved ones;
Healing of 14 generations 
Seven before me,
Seven yet to come.
Healing of the very fabric of the Cosmos itself!
Or so
I have been told.
Or so
I pray it to be.
With every word uttered
A potential,
An opening,
A portal,
A newness in Creation.
For these months,
I have been gifted the luxury
Of extended vision; 
Through deeper immersion,
Of silence,
And of words.
I have been changed.

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