Tipat Torah

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Torah comes in all shapes and modalities, finding us even in the most secular moments of our lives. Beginning in October, in partnership with twelve rabbis from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, Ritualwell will share a monthly teaching: a Drop of Torah. Below you will find a series of five-minute audio teachings about a secular topic and its connection to Torah, followed by a creative prompt for you to use for deeper engagement in the topic through writing, action or introspection. A new teaching will be added each month. We hope you enjoy!

Latest Rituals

In re-encountering Torah every year, we get the joy of meeting up with beloved places and dear old friends.
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How do we make it through the bitterness, the darkness, the uncertainty of this time? We call on what we know from that wild, rudderless, nomadic experience of being both lost and guided bamidbar.
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On Sukkot, we read the words of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), a person bitterly reflecting on his older years. Does aging have to be negative, calling everything that brings pleasure pointless?
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