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How do we make it through the bitterness, the darkness, the uncertainty of this time? We call on what we know from that wild, rudderless, nomadic experience of being both lost and guided bamidbar.
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A prayer to be said upon a child leaving for college

two college women studying at a picnic table

A mikveh ritual to mark the transition from college to life after college

Mikveh Ritual for Graduating from College

Creating separation and offering blessings moves from their family home to their new college home

A Ritual for Parents and Students Upon Entering College
A ritual for parents and children involving a havdalah service before leaving for college and the hanging of a mezuzah upon arrival
hand touching mulitcolored mezuzah

A father’s prayer read at the Shabbat table prior to his son’s departure for college

father and college aged son hold hands
Ceremony for a child going off to college for the first time
college woman studying on a patio

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