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This ritual is intended to help kids to have a focal point firmly grounded in their faith on the day of their visit to the doctor

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Invoking the prophetess Devorah and symbolically wrapping tzitzit to welcome a baby girl

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Ceremony with friends and officiant including song and a ritual handwashing

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Song for Miriam that can be sung as a counterpoint to Elijah’s song

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This song, celebrating Miriam’s song at the sea, is great for the seder. Give everyone a tamborine! 

Miriam’s Song

“May you live to see your world fulfilled”

World of Your Dreams

Go forth to a place I will show you, a land you don’t know

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Resources for modern Passover music

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This song, written for the Ma’yan Seder, describes the spiritual journey of the seder and of our lives

The Journey Song

A ceremony for a woman about to give birth, based on the Navajo custom of the blessingway

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