Psalm 23: I Do Not Fear in the Valley of Death

G-dcast invited poets to interpret the biblical psalm of their choice, and then they animated the most compelling entries. This is “The Valley” an adaptation of Psalm 23. 


I do not fear in the valley of death and shadow.

I teach myself to release what I cannot control.

May the source of life bless us with freedom and peace.

Ease my beloved soul.

Ease my beloved soul.

When is the last time I heard you say you love me?

I close my eyes and you appear in holy company.

The grief has not ceased since I lost my goodbye.

God, if I am to suffer, at least tell me why.

“Last night I dreamt I was a shepherd again.

I had my own mountain where you could sometimes hear the sharpened teeth of wolves.

I had a blind dog.

His named was God.

He spoke in tongues and sneered and barked at the moon.

At my sheep with golden wool.

Ever green painted shadows trickled down to the valley, 

And I, out of fear, out of hunger, 

I was biting with thirst the muted heart,

With which the earth is rocking her tortured children to sleep.

When I woke up I was holding in the cusp of my palms 

The taste of Jonathon apples 

Fallen on the grass on the skin growing



The smell of evergreen and sour memories.” 

Written, performed, and recorded by Ariel Root Wolpe and Mariangela Mihai

Animated by Eurico da Costa Ng

Producer: Jeremy Shuback

Executive Producer: Sarah Lefton

G-dcast wishes to thank:

Evan Wolkenstein

Maya Bernstein

Dan Wolf

Alicia Jo Rabins

Russel Neiss

Danielle Foreman

Barbara Barza

Allie Wollner

Rachel Levinson

Sarah Kashinsky

All of the inspired poets who contributed to this project

As part of Ritualwell’s partnership with G-dcast, we present a series of videos that share personal stories about Jewish lifecycle events. is a San Francisco–based nonprofit that makes Jewish text come alive through animated short films, apps and tools for guided conversations. The organization is dedicated to helping make Jewish literacy attainable for as many people as possible by seamlessly combining timeless storytelling techniques with 21st century learning tools. To learn more about G-dcast, visit

The Lifecycles Project was made possible with generous support from The Koret Foundation, as part of their Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood.

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