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Pride Shabbat Blessing from an Ally

group of people standing under large rainbow parachute who appear to be at a rally or festival
Blessed are you Adonai our God
Who made us in your image
Which knows no race nor gender 
nor sexual identity or orientation 
Blessed is the word pride
Which is the consciousness 
of one’s own dignity 
To see oneself as completely whole in living
as they were created to be 
Blessed is joy and pleasure in the physical, spiritual, emotional connection we feel 
in relationship to another
Blessed is knowing and being and celebrating 
Blessed is allyship
Truly seeing someone just as they are 
And how they’ve told you they want to be seen
Blessed is allowing ourselves to be led
Blessed is allowing ourselves to follow 
Blessed is the ability to transform, to allow for movement and possibility 
To create and re-create who and what feels most authentic today and tomorrow and into the future knowing that the possibilities are endless 
Blessed are you Adonai, who made me in your image which knows no form
Blessed is limitlessness

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