Prayer for Undergoing Chemotherapy

Shekhinah, Divine Feminine healing presence:

You call out to me as I call to You

Awaken within me the Source of strength and beauty that has always been a part of my being but which until now has laid dormant, ready for me in this the time of need.

As You transform my body

You release my soul

Allowing me to soar higher in service to my divinely inspired being

To touch my purpose and be touched by my purposeful being.

The changes I am about to undergo can help rid me of the parts of myself that have been turned upon themselves and, in their troubled way, have transformed into elements that if left unchecked will do me harm.

I offer them compassion as I bid them on their journey and invite them to no longer be a part of me.

I am reminded as I enter into this path that all the paths of God are sacred, that the light of God shines and flows in many forms. I am blessed to be surrounded by love, cared for by those who have dedicated their lives to the wellbeing of their eternal others. Let me be reminded of their compassion and care—let me know them as angels bearing light and gifts that come to heal, to free, to strengthen and to renew.

Open my heart to feel the presence of their divinity in concert with my own. Help me to know that on this sacred path, the one from this day forward to the rest of my life, help me to remember at every juncture that I am not alone. This is a moment of blessing when healing has become possible, and a new beginning stands across the threshold that awaits.

Let me cross the threshold of today surrounded and accompanied by love as I begin this journey to wellbeing, lifted up and held in the embrace of God.


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