An Intention for Reproductive Justice to Reign Supreme

And we will see to it that every one of our children will dream greater and go further than their elders could ever possibly imagine.

And we will see to it that the law trumps those who flout decency.

And we will see to it that all oppressed people wake up each day feeling fit that G-d made them and that their lives have value.

And we will see to it that whenever small minds talk of conspiring hatreds and spiteful suspicions, the morbidity of vengeance and the vanity of doubt…

Someone, somewhere, will dissent.

We will dissent.



And we will see to it that there will be nine.

And countless people breaking down countless walls, beating insurmountable, impossible odds, opening the heart of human society in every closed place on earth.

And we will see to it that justice, the kind you fought for and died protecting, ever reigns


Blessed is the True Judge


Bless you, Justice Ginsburg

For teaching us that judgment can be full-throated, planted firm and, of course, running full over with Mercy.

Thank you.

You continue to bless.

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