Brit Bat: A Four Worlds Baby Naming Ceremony

An honored person brings the baby in. She is wrapped in a quilt woven by her grandmother. She is handed to her parents.

Officiant leads the group in a repetitive chant with melody of your choosing (chant goes on for awhile) and others join in as they hear the words repeated. Words to chant with transliteration and translation are handed out as people gather.

Berukhim ha’ba’im b’shem Adonai (twice)

Welcome in the name of Adonai (G-d)

Berukhim ha’ba’im b’shem Shekhinah (twice)

Welcome in the name of the Shekhinah

Berukhim ha’ba’im b’shem shalom (twice)

Welcome in the name of peace

The baby is held by her parents and is surrounded by a circle of guests. There are four guests who are honored to be participants in the Four Worlds ceremony of naming. Each of them represents one of the worlds. They are each introduced to the group by name and relationship to the family.

Officiant speaks: Greetings family and friends. We are here today to celebrate a holy moment in the life of the _____ family. We join together as a community to bestow a Hebrew name upon _______and to welcome her into the community of Am Yisrael. We offer her blessings that touch many aspects of her life. For the things that she will accomplish in her life, for her emotional growth and for her ability to connect with others and with G-d.  

As she receives her Hebrew name today, _____ will become a link in the chain of Jewish history that goes from generation to generation, l’dor va’dor.

The first honored guest steps into the circle. She holds a small rock from the beach nearby. We offer _____ blessings for the things she will do in the world, represented by the physicality of this stone. In Hebrew, this is the world of Assiyah, which represents the world of physical strength, the body, the material world, the world of action, of accomplishment. May you grow to be a strong woman, a strong leader of your peers; may you grow up to always walk with confidence and strength with your feet firmly planted on the ground. May you always work to keep our planet and all the creatures in it healthy. She places the rock into a small bag with a drawstring on it.

The second honored guest comes into the circle. She holds a small vial of water in her hand. We offer blessings for _____ to grow into an emotionally healthy woman. In Hebrew, this aspect of our world is called Yetzirah.  Yetzirah represents a compassionate and an open heart. In Hebrew, this trait of compassion is called hesed. Yetzirah also represents emotional strength and fortitude, in Hebrew called gevurah. In the world of Yetzirah we open our heart energy to the Universe. May you always live your life with a balance of hesed and gevurah, of compassion and strength, and may your heart always be open to receiving G-d. She places her vial of water in the bag.

The third honored guest comes into the circle. She holds a bird feather. We offer blessings to _____for wisdom and understanding. In Hebrew, this aspect of our world is called Briyah, the world of the intellect, of wisdom and understanding. While at times we appear to be disconnected from the world and others in it, we are truly all connected. May you grow up to understand you are not alone in the universe. May you always feel a deep connection to the earth, to the Divine, and to the rest of humanity. May you grow to be the connecting force that unites heaven and earth. She places her feather in the bag.

The fourth honored guest comes into the circle. She holds a beautifully colored lit Shabbat candle. We offer blessings to _____ for growth in her spiritual life, the world of the spirit, of devekut, of trying to achieve unity with Yah, the Sovereign of all. This aspect of our world is called Atzilut. May you always enjoy a deep soul connection with the Divine. May you grow to understand your role in the world. May you accept life’s challenges with courage and may you live to fulfill your purpose for being. May your journey always bring you closer to G-d. She blows out the candle, wraps it in protective foil, and places it in the bag.

The bag is presented to the parents.

Officiant says: As ______ grows my hope is that you use these symbols to teach her how to live a full, meaningful, and G-d-filled life.

Next, parents talk about choice of name and attributes they wish for the child.


אֱלֹהֵינוּ וֵאלֹהֵי אֲבוֹתֵינוּ וְאִמוֹתֵינוּ

קַיֵם אֶת הַיַלְדָה הַזֹאת לְאִמָּהּ וּלְאָבִיהּ וְיִקַּרֵא שְׁמָּהּ בְּיִשְׂרָאֵל




יִשׂמַח הָאָב בְּיוֹצֵא חֲלָצָיו וְתָגֵל הָאֵם בִּפְרִי בִטְנָהּ 

יִשׂמַח אָבִיךְ וְאִמֵּךְ וְתָגֵל יוֹלַדְתֵךְ


Our God and God of our ancestors

sustain this child for her parents.


May her parents rejoice in the fruit of their union,


הוֹדוּ לַיהוה כִּי טוֹב כִּי לְעוֹלָם חַסְדּוֹ

זֹאת הַקְּטַנָה גְּדוֹלָה תִהְיֶה

 כְּשֵׁם שֶׁנִּכְנְסָה לַבְּרִית כֵּן תִּכָּנֵס לַתּוֹרָה וּלְחֻפָּה וּלְמַעֲשִׂים טוֹבִים


Give thanks to the Holy One who is good, Whose loyal love endures forever!

May this child flourish and grow

This child was brought before family and friends 

on the __________________________________________________________

day of the Hebrew month  __________________________________

 in the Hebrew year_____________________________________

corresponding to _________________________________________________________________________


May she be raised in health, peace, and gentleness in a home filled with soft words and kind actions

May she be blessed with a partner who loves her, with children, with prosperity and with joy

May she live to reach old age with a calm heart free of any worry

May this be G-d’s will. Amen.

Sheheheyanu is recited.

Officiant: We conclude the ceremony with the opening song 

Berukhim ha’ba’im b’shem Adonai (twice)

Welcome in the name of Adonai (G-d)

Berukhim ha’ba’im b’shem Shekhinah (twice)

Welcome in the name of the Shekhinah

Berukhim ha’ba’im b’shem shalom (twice)

Welcome in the name of peace

And with Siman tov u’mazal tov

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