Inclusive Matan Torah

What if the Torah had been given to a woman?  


Would the laws be different?  


If G-d is neither male nor female, why is one given more access? More love?


Or are these discrepancies not from Hashem but from rabbis who controlled the access, the rituals, the language, the learning… to sanctify their relationship with G-d?  


What would it look like if men didn’t pollute the words of G-d? 




And I think these thoughts and have ideas but they get interrupted  


Because a baby is crying 

Because my husband has a question  

And dinner isn’t ready 


And now I have these thoughts and more time to contemplate them but  


I don’t remember the words 

I don’t recall the ideas 

And now all my thoughts are always interrupted  




What if the Torah had been interpreted by us all instead of just a few?


Would there be more compassion? More understanding?


If G-d is the foundation of our image, why are some excluded? Ignored?


Or is Hashem not ignoring anyone at all, but we are ignoring others because we control the access, the rituals, the language, the learning… to sanctify our relationship with G-d? 


What would it look like if we didn’t restrict access to G-d?      




And I think humanity has these thoughts and ideas but gets interrupted  


Because we are scared 

Because we are insecure  

And we are not ready to live as G-d would want 


And now we’ve had these thoughts and more time to contemplate them but 

We don’t remember the words  

We can’t recall the ideas  

And now all our thoughts are always self-absorbed   




We forgot about the widow and the orphan 

We neglected the stranger  

And we didn’t leave the corners of our fields for the needy  


We ostracized the different  

We told them they have no tribe  

And we pushed away those made in the image of G-d


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