New Year of the Trees

an arbor of trees
Just when despair
almost overtakes us,
when bullets and bombs
bind our muscles
constrict our bodies and bones,
the new moon of Shvat appears
inviting us to dig deep inside
to find that nugget of faith
witness it sprouting
to reimagine the future.
In Shvat, we cross a threshold
into a mysterious realm
hidden within ourselves and
the deep interior of trees.
A stirring, even in frigid winter
Sap begins to rise
the new cycle begins.
On the full moon of Shvat,
we celebrate New Year of the Trees.
Renewal of life on fertile earth
awakens to divine flow of
vital energy from above
Streaming from the cosmic Tree of Life
down from roots in heaven
to re-create the fragrant, blooming world
minute by minute.
Can we return to the primal Garden
repair our transgression
find redemption
savor sacred fruit
nourishing and sweet?
In full view,
we bless the holy apple
to align ourselves
with the Source of all Blessings
to flourish and thrive.
Shvat is the month
to reconstellate ourselves,
discover secrets
we never knew,
in honeyed tastes of
heavenly bliss,
where all people
are faces of the One.
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