ten commandments on tablets in the desert

You will believe that you are completely independent and responsible for only yourself. Therefore,

I am Adonai, the Redeemer.

You will put your trust in people with evil intentions or be unworthy of trust yourself. You will put the acquisition and protection of your material goods above the protection of your life or others. Therefore,

You shall not worship other gods besides Me. You shall not make any image to bow down to and worship.

You will use the holy name and these teachings to justify prejudice, hatred, and violence, claiming it is My will. Therefore,

You shall not swear falsely by My name.

You will work yourself, your workers, and your land relentlessly and cruelly because you believe it is your right. You will work as if there is no tomorrow, until there is not. Therefore,

You shall observe and keep Shabbat.

You will be disrespectful and dismissive of your elders, casting them aside to pursue your goals. Therefore,

You shall honor your father and mother.

You will stand by and justify the killing of innocent people because you believe you are different and better than they are. Therefore,

You shall not murder.

You will believe that you have the right to pursue your needs and wants, placing them above the vulnerability of others. Therefore,

You shall not commit adultery.

You will take more than your share and use more than you need because you think you deserve it and do not feel obligated to protect those who are fragile. Therefore,

You shall not steal.

You will blindly believe and spread lies because they affirm your worldview. Therefore,

You shall not bear false witness.

You will deny your own vulnerability and become obsessed with obtaining what you believe should be yours. Therefore,

You shall not covet that which is your neighbor’s.

You will believe that these predictions and these protections do not apply to you. Therefore …

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