What is Enough?

As we gather to celebrate the holidays of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving we pause to acknowledge the abundance in our lives and reflect upon our gratitude and the question of what is enough: 


Breathing In: I stand in awe
Breathing Out: In all my abundance

The Faith and Gratitude of Enough:

In noticing simplicity, I become aware that I may have enough.
The expanse of the sky’s beauty,
The flame of the Hanukkah candles,
The sip of water that quenches my thirst,
The food of this festival meal,
The shelter of my home,
The fabric of my clothes,
The comfort of friends, family, my own soul,
How can I deny this abundance?
I offer thanks for these simple gifts,
But is it enough?

In noticing with clarity the breadth of humanity, I become aware of abundance.
The care of those who birthed me into this world,
My shared truths of my teachers,
The games played with my childhood friends,
The stories of my ancestors,
The lessons of the prophets,
The assistance from strangers and kin,
How can I deny this abundance?
I offer thanks for these simple gifts.
But is it enough?

Generous One, guide our awareness of the abundance around us
On this Hanukkah Day when the faith of the Maccabees led them to trust that the oil they had would be enough,
On this Thanksgiving Day when we honor and are grateful that our harvest is enough,
Help us see that our happiness comes from the simple gifts we share,
Not from the need of more possessions, or wealth or power,
Nor the trappings of status that divide
So that, indeed we can be satisfied
In the knowledge that what we have is enough
And that who we are is enough.

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