Visiting the King During a Plague

Avinu Malkeinu, I am sad You had to withdraw Your invitation
   to visit Your Palace this year. Believe me,
I understand how difficult it is to clean up
   after a plague has torn through your house. 
Our Mothers spent many years on their knees scrubbing
   demons from the corners of the room,
   boiling blankets and sheets, whispering
   prayers for healing as they toiled to prevent
Loss of another child.

Avinu Malkeinu, I appreciate Your offer to come to my home instead. 
Only a King like You would be willing to
   temper majesty and visit a humble woman
   in her tent. That is why I Love You. 
Other kings would command a journey to their palace, even when
Plague is raging, would not concern themselves with risk
   to their loyal subjects.  Only You are
   compassionate enough to travel here and mask
Your Face to shelter me from harm.

Avinu Malkeinu, I would love to welcome You into my tent, but I
    do not feel it is worthy of Your Presence. I, too,
    have spent years scrubbing away demons, but only a blind man
   would call it a palace. I am wondering, please, do not consider this
   disrespectful, but would it be possible for
Shekhinah to visit instead?

Shekhinah, our Mother, would understand, even though
I would still be embarrassed. The dust I missed, still
   lingering in the corners, the dirt my beloved child
   just tracked into the house.
She would understand the stain of food and other things
   I don’t want to mention on the
White Clothes I was planning to wear when I visited You.

Shekhinah can travel without attendant angels and
  other officials necessary for a King to venture forth from the Palace.
I could welcome Her to my small, humble garden. We could
   sit among flowers, breathe in sweet air,
Share things most important to mothers and daughters. 

I promise this year, to put away the new, White Garments,
   Carefully cleaned and pressed with devotion. 
Next year, Please God, I will wrap myself in them,
   travel to Your Palace. Enter
   with Unbridled Joy
Your Holy Sanctuary.

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