Thirteen Attributes of Divine Compassion: An Acrostic Piyyut

AdonaiAdonai, source of compassion
before people sin and
Adonaicompassion after the   
deed is done, whose
Eleternal empathy
for every living thing and neverending
Rakhumgrace for all of
humanity soothes our anxieties, whose
Ve-khanuninfinite mercy brings comfort to those who 
judge themselves too harshly, who is quick to 
Erekh apayimkindness and 
lovingly slow to anger, who has
Ve-rav hesedmore than enough lovingkindness for everyone who
needs it and is
Ve-emetoverflowing with truth for 
people to find in life’s
Notzer hesed le-alafimquiet moments, who 
remembers our ancestors, who forgives all of our 
Noseh avonsins and
transgressions, all of our
Ve-feshaurges for
violence, and all of our 
Ve-khataworst mistakes, who
extends boundless compassion to us and, on this 
Ve-nakehYom Kippur, will make our sins
zero so we can be at one.  

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