In Silence, Sanctuary

In a time when we are able to escape
The bombardment of daily life,
We are grateful to be granted
Silent sanctuary

Alone with our thoughts and hearts,
Free from the clamoring crowds,
We are able to hear the voice…
Still and small
Remember when we were children?
Remember how we would listen 
To a Voice other than our conscience,
A Voice speaking of untold wonders?
Perhaps now is our opportunity 
To hear that Voice once again.
Perhaps we are being shepherded
To a place where we can find something lost.
In the calm, hearts and minds are soothed,
In the silence, we can return to our Source,
Anytime our souls seek to reconnect,
They find the door is always open.
In this moment, our souls are free…
Free to be as children once more,
Free to fly the skies of imagination,
Free to feel the embrace of our Creator 
For in every tribulation lies a lesson.
And in every lesson lies a truth.
Every truth exposes something hidden.
And the hidden is revealed by the Giver of Life.
In the jumbled words of our own minds,
I pray that we find the hidden door to sanctuary.
A place where silence encompasses us,
A place we can hear that Voice; still, and small, and always with us.
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