She’asani Ish V’ishah

In hindsight it seems that the road has been long
In real time it seems interminable 
The battle inside my mind and body
The struggle with fitting in
The question of who, and what, and why…
Dawning of understanding was slow to arrive
A sense of self was further behind
It seemed at times to be impossible
Other times hope was uncontainable 
On balance, I was always off balance…
Still, the day came when my path was clear
The voice in my head was no longer a mumble
I knew that I was created in the image of
That who I am is as perfect as can be
I am the embodiment of Divine design…
Barukh Atah HaShem, Eloheinu Melekh Ha’Olam
She’asani Ish B’ishah, Isha B’ish
Blessed are You, the Divine Creator
Who saw fit to create me as man in woman, woman in man.
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