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Return Again

A Black woman wearing a yellow sun dress stands in a green field lined with trees and holds her hands above her head in a V shape
A ray of hope shines dimly
Becoming brighter as I cast my eyes
Upon the wonder revealed to me
When I willingly return to You
Separate me not from Your countenance
Forget me not as I did You
Seek me out in small quiet ways
And I will never turn away
Shema Yisrael HaShem Eloheinu, HaShem Ekhad 
I come back to You now
Knowing that I have gone astray
In weakness, I lost my way
Yet turning to You for strength
Is as natural as breathing air
As calming as Your glorious starlight
As satisfying as new dawn breaking
I am sure I will stray
For I am too easily distracted
Still, I shall return, return again
To You, who restores my soul

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