Protected Strength in Vision: Vayera

Barukh atah adonai, eloheinu melekh ha’olam, hameikhin mitz’adei gaver.
Blessed are you God, ruler of the universe, who firms up our steps. 

In the hour of my day,
And open
In the doorway of my tent.

When, lo,
Three visitors approach.

Gavriel, who delivers strength
In the midst of not-knowing,
To resist engagement in the costly
Matters that only prove to hurt me.

There, too, Raphael
With offerings of healing.
Companions on the journey,
Guiding me to see

That which was always there:
Deep wells to quench thirst,
Sacrifices appropriate for the altar,
Sparing the nourishment delivered
By those whom I love,
And who love me.

Along with these two, Michael,
Whose iridescent feathered wings
Conceal an invitation.
Encoded brilliant letters
Nested between
Soft blue feathers:
Re’eh—envisioning, seeing with clarity,
The white fire between the letters of Torah,
An articulated expression
Of those yet blank spaces.
My journey,
Still to be


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