Prayer for Surgery

I, _____ come to you to day, with trust in your artistic and healing abilities. I thank you for your work, knowledge, experience and dedication to your job and your patients. You are each here today because you were who I needed at this moment, and that I know G!d is guiding you in your work, and that I am blessed to have you here. 

I need to do this surgery to alleviate the discomfort in my body, restore my health and to live for many years I do believe the body is a Temple for the soul. It is a symbol of the intricacies and majesty of God and creation, even with its imperfections. As I put my life in your hands,  I ask you to approach this task as holy one. Please refrain from unnecessary banter or negativity, or news of the day- (laughter is fine!) and  bring your highest self to this procedure.  I know each of you have angels to guide you and I invite mine and all of yours to assist today.

I invoke YHVH, known as Adonai, Yahweh, Shekhinah and many other names to be with us today.

I bless you all with health, skill, wisdom and all good things.

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