A Prayer for a New Year: 5781 and Beyond

Adonai, our souls are crying out;
We have known pain and uncertainty,
Been traumatized by last year’s harshness,
Please, shower us with Your Mercy …
Had it been just the pain,
Had it been just the uncertainty,
Had it been just the trauma,
Shehekheyanu would rise from our lips …
Yet the pain has not stopped,
The uncertainty continues, growing even worse,
New traumas compound the old ones,
And the weight is becoming unbearable …
Please, Adonai, bring about new beginnings,
Cast off the cloak of darkness,
Illuminate our days as of old,
And help us to reclaim hope …
Creator of All, hold us gently,
Guide us with Your steady hand,
Lead us through this modern desert,
Show us a new Promised Land …
Rock and Redeemer, please lift us,
Look upon us in Your favor,
See us through this darkest night
And Bless us, Adonai, Bless us …


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