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Prayer at Mikveh

mikveh shown with steps going down into it
The living waters,
they take, they give
as they roll over me …
with only my skin holding me together,
The waters support me
              Embrace me,
              Leave me raw
              Comfort me.
The water still … has left its imprint
              On my skin.   I feel
                            Both more whole
              And more fragile.
I close my eyes like a newborn as I immerse…
They opening as I emerge into a new world
              To a new me
Like just shabbat candles lit for the first time
      Every Friday.
Surrounded by my sisters,
      I sit apart.
Loving their questions.
      Hearing their experiences.
            Respecting their stories.
Why have I not seen this before?
I thank you God, that I see it now.

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