Prayer for Healing after Surgery

closeup of white arm with an IV in it in a hospital bed with person standing near bed
My God of Health and Healing
Who has infinite power
I am in deepest gratitude to You.
You guided the surgeon’s hand
And restored the body and soul 
Of my dear sister.
You have gifted my family with
Renewed hope for the future.
Is it selfish of me to ask 
That she not be in pain?
She frequently tells me a story, 
First proclaiming the profound love
She felt for me, oh so many years ago.
As a youngster, I was crying from a fall
But she was unable to feel my pain.
She loved me so much
But couldn’t understand why,
Despite such love, 
She was unable to feel my pain.
I cannot feel her pain,
But I hope and pray
That the pain will dissipate,
Run away and never come back.
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