Notes on Revelation

In ripened fullness
An abundance of 40 years,
Raise the veils, unneeded,
Protecting this heart.
Come, my beloved,
Draw close.
And in movements,
of shared time,
let our song of Creation
The bed sheets lower, unbound,
and from this swaddled soul, 
Healing Rachamin arises
Your words
Placed in my mouth,
Carried on silver notes
Delivered in minor key.
Then through conduit throbbing,
Most blessed Yesod Gadol,
Elevate my humble offerings.
Sanctify these moans
Transport these echoes
To the edge of forever.
Then love them,
Coax them to their destiny.
And in bursts,
Ready and revealing,
Behold – the most Hidden of 18 Worlds.
Then know this:
Deep within the
Breath-filled tissues of the
Most Holy One,
Heavens upon heavens await us,
Arching, Yearning,
Yet to be revealed.

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