Modah Ani

Modah Ani
The first whispered prayer
Of every morning
As I feel Your gentle touch
Return my soul to me
Modah Ani
As I enter the Sanctuary of a new day
With prayers and songs of gratitude
For breath, for joy, for human love.
Modah Ani,
As I am surrounded by the messiness of life
Dirty dishes
Piles of laundry
Toys scattered everywhere.
Evidence that I am fed and clothed and loved.
Modah Ani,
For the moon that marks the passing months,
The sun that gives it light.
For all the days of life You have granted me.
Modah Ani,
May these words always be in my mouth.
May they be the first prayer of every day
And the last prayer before I sleep.
When the hour comes to return my soul to You,
May this be the last whispered prayer of my life.
I am grateful
So very grateful.
Modah Ani.

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