May We Get Through This Day

A prayer for patient and caregiver to say together

Dear God, help us get through this day together.

Give us the capacity to recover from this illness, if we can, and give us the courage to accept reality, if we cannot.

We thank You for the wisdom and the skill of our doctors, for the care and the devotion of our nurses, and above all—above all—we thank You for each other.

We have been through a great many challenges in our lives together before this one, and we have given each other the strength with which to overcome them, and so we pray that You will give us the strength to be patient with each other during this time, and that you will give us the ability to care for each other once again, as You have in the past.

Enable us, O God, to keep our sense of humor, and our ability to hope, and the ability to keep each other going during this difficult time.

Thank You, O God, for the family and for the friends who call and who come to visit in order to show us their concern for us both.

And help us get through today, O God, so that we can turn to You for strength and confidence and hope again tomorrow, and in all the days to come until we get through this struggle.

          Refa’eynu Adonay, vinerafe,     

          Hoshi’eynu v’nivashe’a,

          Ki tihilateynu atta.

Heal us, O God, and we shall be healed.

Save us, and we shall be saved,

And may our lives declare Your praise.

          Ushlakh refuah shleymah le’khol ha’kholim

          Refuat ha’nefesh u’rifuat haguf

          Ki El Melekh rofeh v’ne’eman atta.

Send a complete recovery to all those who are ill.

Send them both recovery of the spirit and recovery of the body

For You are the one true and reliable Healer.

          Barukh atta Adonay

          Rofeh holim.

Blessed are You, Adonay,

Who heals the sick.

                             May the Lord bless and protect us both.

                             May the Lord cause His countenance to shine upon us both,

                             And may the Lord be gracious to us both.

May the Lord lift up His countenance to us in love,

And may God grant us both peace and strength and courage and health,

Today—and from now on.

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