I Am the Future: A Poem for the Women’s March

We are the future and our lives matter
We share our voices not only as Black youth, but as girls who will become women someday.

We are the dreams of our mothers and fathers
We are the hopes of our teachers
We are the love of our lives

We are using our voices today
to inspire a greater tomorrow

I am the girl of the law.
I use my voice to say we must abolish human trafficking. It is on the rise and if we do not create laws to protect people, it will continue to grow. We must also create laws to punish people who facilitate and participate in sex trafficking in any way. Girls need to be protected and saved from the traps and systems that lead up to sex trafficking.

I am the girl of liberty.
I use my voice to plead for freedom.
Girls want to live without fear of being abused.
We want to walk, sit, run, dance and speak without being harassed.
One in five girls are raped.
One. In. Five.
We must educate, protect and prosecute to end rape culture.
We are just girls who don’t want to be abused, we just want to be free.

I am the girl of respect.
I use my voice to say we must care for and protect one another.
We must teach boys and men to respect us.
We must not tolerate sexual harassment nor should we listen to and support vulgar music lyrics.
We should boycott music and videos that disrespect girls and women.
We all have a responsibility to uplift and honor one another.
We must value our girls and women in words and in our actions.

I am the girl of justice.
I use my voice to shout for justice.
Black and Brown girls are likely to be punished more harshly for the same infractions committed by White girls.
In order to end the school to prison pipeline we must change the systems that facilitate racial, economic, social and educational injustice.
Laws must be changed and created to ensure equity and justice.

I am the girl of hope.
I am the girl who smiles and whispers words of hope.
I am the girl who screams out loud the power of our purpose.
I am the girl who stands up and shouts how proud we are to be smart, gifted, talented and Black.

I am a woman.
No longer the girl of the past, but a woman of law, freedom, respect, justice and hope.
I am the future.

I am the woman of love.
I believe in the magic of love.
I predict that it can change the world.
I will use the love of our ancestors and call it forth today and transport it into the future.
I will use the love from the depths of my soul and share it to move, inspire and motivate greatness.
Love is the main ingredient in the potion of life… it is the reason for change and why our lives matter.

I am the dreams of my mother and father
I am the hopes of my teachers
I am the love of my life
I am yesterday, today, and tomorrow
I am Our Future
I am forever
I am YOU!

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