Facing the Antisemitism Inside of Me

A man walks alone at the sea
I face the antisemitism inside of me.
The use of the word “Jew” that makes it sound dirty,
the teasing of the only Jew on the football team,
the jokes I made and the jokes I laughed at.
The stories I believed,
the stories I told.
I learn each day
to reject false ideologies
or schools of thought
that promote a superiority of one over others.
I pray to a God of peace–
a God that doesn’t love us differently
based on what we believe
or who we love
and how we live.
But most of all
as I look first at the monster inside myself,
I wish we weren’t wired this way:
to spot differences instead of similarities.
When I go to my quiet place,
it’s a vision where love and abundance
are the guiding principles
and the word “war” doesn’t exist in our languages.
But there are many words for “peace”
and the darker sides of our nature
melt away under a divine light.
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