Chant for Healing: Psalms 70 and 130

The recitation of Psalms has been a traditional Jewish response to illness and other personal and communal struggles for ages. Listen as Rabbi Vivie Mayer chants Psalms 70 and 130 and raises up from our deepest places our need to be heard. Download the text of the Pslams in Hebrew, English and transliteration below.

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  1. My son, Craig, age 39, had a cardiac arrest 8-17-22. Since that day, I have not heard his voice, seen a smile, or have felt a hand squeeze. He is in an anoxic brain injury state. Only minimally responsive. I am a broken mom with a broken heart. Today 4-18-24, he had a surgical procedure where he was put under general anesthesia. I needed some hope so I asked my Rabbi, Rabbi Aaron weininger from Adath jeshurun synagogue in Minneapolis Minnesota for that help. He has been with me since Day 1. He has listened to my tears, came to nursing home with me to sing, give a dvar Torah. He is the finest. I am mentally in the place I am because of him…..I asked for some psalms to read or songs to listen to. He hooked me up to Rabbi Mayer. I listened to psalms 70 and 130 at least 30 times while he was in surgery. THANK YOU. He came through the surgery and hopefully will now begin a new journey of healing

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