Celestial Cycles

they are with me as they were before
of course, I have always known that

our soul group visits and revisits
each other in various corporeal

lifetimes on this solid planet and
in our timeless Being states beyond

we plan the life to be better learned
for each one, every blessed birth time

to enhance enrich the fresh new now
having heard His whispers crescendo

each word spelled in flaming symbols
emblazoned into creation to infinity

yet betimes we remember alas more
often forget the power of such love

once more my deathbed levitates
with lightness of memories forsaken

wispy presences exude sweet scents
of immersions in Eden’s innocence

I am enveloped in cool delicate breath
softly gently embraced and kissed as

the orange horizon’s lips are quenched
by a refreshing sip of the aqua sea

peace  peace  abides as my eternal
most familiar escorts float glowing

radiance as we rise to mingle with
those already dancing swirling in

the grandest ballroom their bright
countenances reflecting rainbow

prisms of jeweled chandeliers rubies
emeralds diamonds faceted polished

by the Master of luminescence bliss
gratitude for all of this for all there is

forever never to fear my child for we
are the I the spark in every you in every

place in the here and here and…..
there is no there only the holy

rightness of everywhere nearer
ever nearer to Me all I’s there be

so dance your best those intricate
intimate steps don’t stiffen limbs

peak ears to hear the melody of
spheres and feel the pulse the

heartbeat which sets the rhythm
for each life’s sway then rest then

return to whirl with us no need for
regrets just yet you will know

what must be known at last
this is the time to smile rejoice

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