Desert Dance

So many deserts to pass
sand blows and stings
weary sleepless eyes
dried of tears
faith must not lapse

Mouth dry as the dunes
tresses of sweat
drape my dress
bitter bile my only repast

Yet I accept a bouquet
of burrs and brambles
fragrance not so sweet
as an invitation
to tie up my
slippers of thistles

I twirl through
careen into cactus
and weep with each
needle’s thorny pierce
seething my being
deep as a lance

Sinai chameleons peak
askance as undaunted
I still prance while
trembling at danger
dare not ever ruin
the rhythm of the dance

Lost for 40 years, perhaps more
blot out the golden calf
just save the joy of dance
to the snakes’ rattling band
take tambourine in hand
as Miriam commands
those brought from Egypt
to enhance the sounds as
miracles abound

In your swirling trance
all bushes are burning
you need not seek
the One
hands won’t catch fire
just tap-tap the tof
shake silvery disks
in echoed syncopation

Hardly anything grows
in the desert
true if you think it so
when I fall and hide
in such barren climes,
I sigh then rely on
prayerful strength
pulse beats amplify
the celestial orchestra’s
crescendo and I’m
repaired prepared
to dance

Lacerated souls sweep
through waves of heat
serpents search for the moon
hiss in the abandoned abyss
still dreaming of Eden
but not all is lost

I need not strain to
once more hear
Miriam and her circle
of festive women
hopeful harmonious hearts
I soar higher

Sadness must be vanquished
till the healing is done

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