A Small Offering

a woman stands alone walking into a grassy meadow
“I was dumb with silence, I held my peace, had no comfort, and my pain was stirred up–” Psalms 39:3
To isolate
To stay small
To be silent* in the face of horror
is to increase pain:
Yours, and those whose bloods** call out from the earth.
Free yourself.
Engage with those who believe in the blessings of Love and Life.
Not with Evil.
Not with Hatred and Death.
For this is what is needed now.
*In Hebrew, the word for silence, dmama, shares the same root (dalet, mem, mem) with “blood” and “bleeding”; two of these letters are included in the word for ground/earth, adamah
**In Beresheit 4:10, the Eternal tells Cain, “Your brother’s bloods (damei) cry out to Me from the ground”; that is, “you have killed your brother and all the potential lives that might have issued from him.”
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