When Might Be Last?

close up of ocean water with sunlight on the surface

All around us so much that we love so dearly.

Our lives and hearts are filled with joy.


Drink in that which is most precious to you.

Be fully present to its place in your heart.


Know that it belongs to the Universe,

Loaned to you for this brief moment that is.


Allow the joy and love of it to be with you now,

Draw it deep into your soulful inner being.


Before me soft sand, steely grey waves,

Bright blue sky dotted by puffy white clouds.


I come often and immerse myself

Even as the years pass and my being changes.


I am more aware of the fluidity of it all.

Will it be here tomorrow or next year?


Yes, it will go on as it has before.

And I will hold it dear while I’m here,

And letting go, I wonder: When might be last?

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